Sunday, 1 February 2015

Is The Establishment Riddled With Paedophiles? Russell Brand The Trews

Reaction to the delay in Parliament's child abuse inquiry, the allegations of child abuse against former politicians and the recent allegations against Prince Andrew.

Brand points out that there are files relating to establishment paedophiles that are to be kept hidden for decades because they are too sensitive to release (national security?). The reason for the secrecy is not simply due to the crime itself but the fact that agents within the Government can use this information to blackmail (control) the crooked officials into serving various agendas.

Note: FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has pointed out that the corrupt are routinely promoted over the less corrupt in many different areas of the US Government precisely because they can be manipulated

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Military Report of Novorossia. Latest news of Ukraine, DPR, LPR 29.01.2015

The situation on the ground in Ukraine explained.

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MP George Galloway on Free Speech Charlatans & Austin Powers Foreign Policy in Syria

Abby Martin has a conversation with UK Respect Party MP George Galloway, discussing topics ranging from Saudi Arabia’s relationship with the West to recent tensions on the rise between Israel and Hezbollah.

Galloway points out that Saudi Arabia finances ISIS. I disagree that the western policy in the Middle East is a failure. Creating and escalating conflict is their (neocon) objective. Galloway is also wrong about 911.

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‘EU Council Vote is Evidence of Real Split’ – Neil Clark on Extended Sanctions Against Russia

The European Union has decided to extend sanctions against Russian officials and Ukrainian rebels until September this year. Journalist Neil Clark told RT that the lack of extremely harsh measures reveals a division within EU ranks.

The sanctions on Russia are due to US neoconservative policy. The events used to justify the sanctions are simply a pretext.

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Keiser Report (E712): Open Sources & Open Cesspools

In this episode of the Keiser Report from Mexico City, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the claims that the Fed is like the blockchain. They also look at the proof that central bank intervention causes market distortion like mispricing of risk and misallocation of capital as currency traders go bust on 50 times leverage. In the second half, Max interviews big bank whistleblower and bitcoin entrepreneur, Jose Rodriguez, about cryptocurrency in Mexico.

The only thing to be said for bitcoin in addition to the views in the clip is that virtual currency will be a target for the establishment - so expect a rough ride.

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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Ukraine’s Government Is Losing Its War. Here Is Why:

On January 27th, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense headlined “Militants Continue to Suffer Losses,” and reported that four helicopters, and other weapons of the “militants,” were destroyed in battle, but no evidence was given to support the assertion.

Just two days prior, the (also pro-Government) Kiev Post had, in fact, bannered “Ukraine Hides Devastating Losses as Russia-Backed Fighters Surge Forward,” and reported “Ukraine’s worst-kept secret — that the Ukrainian army is drastically understating its casualties.” After detailing, there, what seems to be outrageous unconcern by the Government, for the welfare of troops it’s sending into battle (even by jamming battlefield-injured soldiers into regular civilian hospitals, which aren’t equipped to handle their injuries), this report ends with a doctor saying, “It’s bad everywhere. Yes, the soldiers are still standing at their positions ready to fight. But we don’t see any help coming for them.”

The Ukrainian news agency RIAN headlined on January 26th, “Mobilization in Dnipropetrovsk Almost Drowned,” and reported, “In Dnipropetrovsk region [which is run by the U.S. White House’s friend, the Ukrainian-Swiss-Israeli billionaire Ihor Kolomoysky, whose longstanding personal mercenary army has, alone, more than 5,000 fighters], thousands of men are hiding from the draft. Enforcement officers recognize that accomplishing their task will be very difficult.” More than 2,000 people there who were drafted “did not show up, they evaporated.”

Consequently, the Government is dragooning-in, or “ambushing” (as the article says), virtually anyone who seeks help from the Government, “mobilizing the unemployed” and other “desperate” people. “Military enlistment offices complain” that some draftees are too sick to be able to fight at all.

Also on January 26th, the Fort Russ blog bannered, “Azov Commander Freaks Out, Calls the War ‘Lost’. Blames Everybody,” and reported that, “Ukrainian politicians and generals ‘already lost the war,’ and ‘the West did not help.’ That’s the core of the statement by Azov punitive [meaning: to ‘punish’ the residents in the anti-Government region, for their not supporting the Government] battalion commander’s, and currently also Rada [Parliament] Deputy’s, Andrey Biletsky, in his ‘Address to the Nation.’” According to Biletsky, after the fictitious “thousands of supposedly killed enemies and burned out tanks, the wake-up can be very painful,” because of disappointment felt from the Government’s lies.

RIAN news headlined on January 27th, “The Situation at the Front and Riots Against the Mobilization,” and Andrew Vajra, of the news-site “Alternative,” quoted Biletsky there, as saying, “We were not prepared for the current confrontation.”

Whereas Ukrainian conscript soldiers are not eager to risk their lives in order to impose the current Ukrainian Government (which had resulted from Obama’s coup in Ukraine in February 2014), upon the residents in Ukraine’s Donbass region, which had voted 90% for the man whom Obama overthrew, the residents who still survive there are very eager not to allow this new regime to kill them; and, so, the motivation on the part of the people whom Obama’s forces are trying to kill, is vastly higher than is the motivation on the part of conscript troops, from the rest of Ukraine, to kill them. The only troops who are that eager to kill them are supporters of Ukraine’s two nazi (or racist-fascist) parties, the “Freedom” (renamed by the CIA from their former “Social Nationalist”) and the Right Sector, Parties. Those parties have always gotten only a small percentage of the popular vote in Ukraine, though Obama’s people have placed them into power. Once in power, they passed laws to lock-in that power.

The Ukrainian Government’s problem is that there just aren’t enough nazis, and there’s also not enough money, to do the amounts of killing that need to be done in order to enable Obama’s Ukrainian regime to retain the land in Donbass while eliminating the people there. The 90% of those people who had voted for the man (Viktor Yanukovych) whom Obama overthrew are far more numerous, and far more motivated, than are the vast majority of Ukraine’s soldiers.

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Assad: Israel is Al-Qaeda's Air Force in Syria

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on Sunday accused the Israel of conspiring with the Al-Qaeda terrorist group.

“It’s very clear. Because whenever we make advances in some place, they attack in order to undermine the army. It’s very clear,” Assad told the American Foreign Affairs magazine.

“That’s why some in Syria joke, how can you say that Al-Qaeda doesn’t have an air force? They have the Israeli air force,” he added.

“We made some advances in the past two years, but if you want to ask me, ‘Is it going well?’ I say that every war is bad, because you always lose, you always have destruction in a war.

The main question is what have we won in this war? What we won in this war is that the Syrian people have rejected the terrorists, the Syrian people support their government more, the Syrian people support their army more,” Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad said.

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Washington Will Do Whatever it Can to Stop BRICS, Maintain Power - Paul Craig Roberts

China is warning India that an economic partnership with the US is a “zero-sum trap,” and the nation should be wary about Washington’s increasing efforts to court the increasingly influential nation. The message comes as world leaders, including President Barack Obama, gather in India to celebrate its “R-Day” holiday and woo top officials to their side in an expanding effort to gain the most influence in the region. Though the US has for decades maintained the top spot in the world in terms of economic power, the increasingly popular BRICS bloc—of which India and China are members—has American officials worried about their ability to exert power, as former Reagan administration official Paul Craig Roberts explains.

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Don't Worry, the CIA Is Just a Bunch of Paper Pushers

...or so I've been told.

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How to Change Your Life for Good - The Eyeopener

Today James talks to Anthony Gucciardi of about a pair of recent articles. The first, "4 Ways to Actually Make Your New Years Resolution Work," outlines why our resolutions often fail, and how to make sure they work. The second, "Anthony Gucciardi Donates 20,000 Meals to US Food Banks," challenges other alt media producers, as well as the general public, to start changing the world for the better through giving. Will James take up the challenge?...

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Friday, 30 January 2015

Israel Attacks Lebanon

ISIS = the New Contras
1) Israel kills 6 Hezbollah in surprise attack including the anti-ISIS commander
2) Hezbollah killed 2 Israeli soldiers.
3) Then Israel shot up Lebanese bases and killed a UN peace keeper.

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"MUST WATCH: Nov 2013 (pre-Maidan!): Ukraine Deputy has Proof of USA Staging Civil War in Ukraine".

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Greek Election Could Cause World Economic Crisis - Michael Rivero

Will the war in Iraq turn into Canada’s Vietnam?

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Jeff Berwick Invites You to Anarchapulco

Anarchy - society without rulers.

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Keiser Report (E711): If It Bleeds, It Leads

In this episode of the Keiser Report from Mexico City, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the significance of Teotihuacan to the modern era of semi-divine elite hoarding wealth during a time of financial crop failures and lending droughts. In the second half, Max interviews media, retail and banking tycoon, Ricardo Salinas Pliego about ending prohibition, a buffet of ideas at the Festival of Ideas and the news business mantra of “if it bleeds, it leads” leading to the bad PR of Mexico. Finally, Max puts him in the ‘shark tank’ to pitch Mexico to China which has $250 billion to spend in the region.

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Ukrainian Crisis News. War in Ukraine, Mariupol, DPR, NATO, Russia (27.01.2015)

1) Debaltsevo's pocket is closing 2) NATO Condemned Escalation in Ukraine 3) Ukrainian Army Successful Entered Russia 4) SSU: Popeye Fired Mariupol

The english is not great in this clip but their pro-eastern independence narrative of Kiev aggression, including the categorisation of the coup in the capital as a coup (putsch), is clearly more accurate than the western accounts. We can be fairly sure that Donetsk had been shelled by Kiev forces because the areas being hit are not occupied by the central government. This situation has caused the rebels to go on the offensive in order to protect the civilian population. When it comes to determining the truth we must recognise the fact that President Poroshenko has made the wild claim that 500 tanks and 9000 troops have crossed from Russia into Ukraine - and yet there are no satellite pictures of this event or any other evidence.

The third point in the clipped text above the video refers to men of fighting age fleeing from Ukraine to Russia so that they could not be drafted into Kiev's army.

The clip here is an attempt at determining which side is winning in Ukraine. This is an important question to ask because there are will be consequences that may lead to increased support from NATO or overt support from Russia. The west may abandon Kiev if the Government collapses due to their economic situation and generally poor situation militarily. Russia will be blamed for the disaster.

Additional Info [rebel account of fighting]:

Military Report of Novorossia. Latest news of Ukraine, DPR, LPR

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Russia In The Cross Hairs — Paul Craig Roberts

Washington’s attack on Russia has moved beyond the boundary of the absurd into the realm of insanity.

The New Chief of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors, Andrew Lack, has declared the Russian news service, RT, which broadcasts in multiple languages, to be a terrorist organization equivalent to Boko Haram and the Islamic State, and Standard and Poor’s just downgraded Russia’s credit rating to junk status.

Today RT International interviewed me about these insane developments.

In prior days when America was still a sane country, Lack’s charge would have led to him being laughed out of office. He would have had to resign and disappear from public life. Today in the make-believe world that Western propaganda has created, Lack’s statement is taken seriously. Yet another terrorist threat has been identified–RT. (Although both Boko Haram and the Islamic State employ terror, strictly speaking they are political organizations seeking to rule, not terror organizations, but this distinction would be over Lack’s head. Yes, I know. There is a good joke that could be made here about what Lack lacks. Appropriately named and all that.)

Nevertheless, whatever Lack might lack, I doubt he believes his nonsensical statement that RT is a terrorist organization. So what is his game?

The answer is that the Western presstitute media by becoming Ministries of Propaganda for Washington, have created large markets for RT, Press TV, and Al Jazeera. As more and more of the peoples of the world turn to these more honest news sources, Washington’s ability to fabricate self-serving explanations has declined.

RT in particular has a large Western audience. The contrast between RT’s truthful reporting and the lies spewed by US media is undermining Washington’s control of the explanation. This is no longer acceptable.
The other item in the interview was the downgrading of Russian credit to junk status.
Standard and Poor’s downgrade is, without any doubt, a political act. It proves what we already know, and that is that the American rating firms are corrupt political operations. Remember the Investment Grade rating the American rating agencies gave to obvious subprime junk? These rating agencies are paid by Wall Street, and like Wall Street they serve the US government.

A look at the facts serves to establish the political nature of the ruling. Don’t expect the corrupt US financial press to look at the facts. But right now, we will look at the facts.

Indeed, we will put the facts in context with the US debt situation.

According to the debt clocks available online, the Russian national debt as a percentage of Russian GDP is 11 percent. The American national debt as a percentage of US GDP is 105 percent, about ten times higher.
In my opinion, the neoliberal economists who control Russian economic policy are a much greater threat to the sovereignty of Russia than economic sanctions and US missile bases. To survive Washington, Russia desperately needs people who are not romantic about the West.
To dramatize the situation, if President Putin will grant me Russian citizenship and allow me to appoint Michael Hudson and Nomi Prins as my deputies, I will take over the operation of the Russian central bank and put the West out of operation.

But that would require Russia taking risks associated with victory. The Atlanticist Integrationists inside the Russian government want victory for the West, not for Russia. A country imbued with treason inside the government itself has reduced chance against Washington, a determined player.

Another fifth column operating against Russia from within are the US and German funded NGOs. These American agents masquerade as “human rights organizations,” as “women’s rights organizations,” as “democracy organizations,” and whatever other cant titles that serve in a politically correct age and are unchallengeable.

Yet another threat to Russia comes from the percentage of the Russian youth who lust for the depraved culture of the West. Sexual license, pornography, drugs, self-absorption. These are the West’s cultural offerings. And, of course, killing Muslims.

If Russians want to kill people for the fun of it and to solidify US hegemony over themselves and the world, they should support “Atlanticist integration” and turn their backs on Russian nationalism. Why be Russian if you can be American serfs?

What better result for the American neoconservatives than to have Russia support Washington’s hegemony over the world? That is what the neoliberal Russian economists and the “European Integrationists” support. These Russians are willing to be American serfs in order to be part of the West and to be paid well for their treason.

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Carl Sagan, Science and UFOs: Some Observations on the Subject

The following exchange occurred on Facebook and has been reproduced here for the interest of Spookyweather readers:

Comment: Sagan's book "The Demon Haunted World" has been my skeptical bible for the past 15 years. We need more critical thinking NOW!

“We’ve arranged a society on science and technology in which nobody understands anything about science and technology, and this combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is going to blow up in our faces. I mean, who is running the science and technology in a democracy if the people don’t know anything about it.” – Carl Sagan


Response: Great quote and good observations by Sagan in the interview 'summation' but I humbly submit that there are serious problems with the Demon Haunted World which I also own. There are various claims made about UFO phenomena that are unsupported by evidence. Chapter 4 highlights the issue.

Sagan on p. 65 highlights the evidence so far collected (in the 50s)where he cites pilots, military people etc (but omits people like astronomers who have had sightings) and also radar and some some photographic evidence but then associates this with known hoaxes and with a story about hass hallucinations and misidentifications.

He talks about how Kenneth Arnold's sighting in 1947 was misreported where he only said the objects seen skipped like a saucer on water - not that they were saucer shaped. Sagan points out that according to Arnold, the first object flashed a number of times. This implies that the sighting was some sort of reflection. What is omitted is the fact that Arnold said that the 9 objects he saw were crescent shaped objects. If you google Kenneth Arnold you can see him with an artist's impression of what he saw. Also, Sagan tends to confabulate sighting reports (objects in the sky) with claims of alien abduction, thus leading us into an argument about alien visitiations and motives (that he uses to 'ridicule' the rest of the subject) which takes us away from analysis of the data - what is being observed. This removes us from a discussion of actual cases coming from the 'sober' observers he mentions on p.65. A generalised debunk is used of things that may account for observations - balloons, venus, aircraft, meteors, kites, mirages, sundogs, swamp gas etc. Juxtaposed to the best sighting reports these explanations to not hold water.

The biggest problem when it comes to sound analysis - which Sagan cites - is the Hollywood portrayal of UFOs/ETs and the fact that the world is filled with gulible people who with very little scientific training sometimes tend to jump to conclusions when they see something slightly out of the ordinary (although in real world examples most often people try to fit what they are seeing to know objects like aircaft first before coming to other conclusions - rightly or wrongly).

Sagan in Chpter 4 wrote he could not find any adults interested in the subject because they were all interested in Cold War matters - but clearly where were a number of credible people interested in what was going on at the time - especially after 1950 and 1952 when there were a number of 'flaps'. Reading journalist Donald Keyhoe's books from the 50s you can see that there was a level of serious interest in 'interplanetary' visitation from various respected scientists. There was not a blanket dismissal of the idea.

The pressure of not taking the subject seriously came from respected debunkers like Dr Donald Menzel, the sections of the media, and airforce denials. However, the US airforce astronomical consultant, Dr J. Allen Hynek, wrote a book (1972) dealing with analysing sighting data after Project Blue Book was shut down that criticised how the airforce conducted their investigations. It's also worth reading the original copy of Capt. Ruppelt's, who was a head of Blue Book, 1956 account of various sightings (he was pressured by the airforce to issue an 'updated' edition of his book where he adds material to denigrate the tone of the first copy).

Also recommended reading is papers submitted to Congress by atmospheric physicist Dr James McDonald, summations on the subject by Stanton Friedman (see video clip at the end), the modern history of the subject written by Richard Dolan, and the book 'The Missing Times' about how the media has treated the subject (the firewall between local news and national broadcasters) by Terry Hansen (who also wrote a history of the CIA for AE911truth pointing out that the CIA has always been involved in domestic information control/disinformation, and not overseas intelligence). I highly recommend watching the doco - UFOs, Lies and the Cold War.

Like any fringe subject there are people who believe any claim, but there is a core of data, misrepresented by various respected figures throught the decades, that does point to a real phenomena.

Stan Friedman on Sagan and science

[Interested readers will have to Google the information cited in the text.]

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Gerald Celente: “The Future is a Devalued Euro, a Devalued Dollar – the Only Reason the Dollar’s Staying High is Because the Other Currencies Are So Weak…The Whole Thing is Out of Control.”

Gerald talks with John Stadtmiller on latest economic trends and where these trends could lead.

There's a lot of talk about oil here as well. Apart from the low price negatively impacting target countries of the US - Venezuela, Russia, Iran - there is also a negative impact against the fracking industry which will hopefully save the US environment. In the long term the presently low oil prices are helping save the US environment - in the short term it is destroying the revenue sources for the Governments of many countries.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

With Aleppo Encircled, West Seeks Wildcard to Save its Terror Hordes

The Syrian Arab Army is reportedly close to completely encircling militants that have occupied the northern city of Aleppo since they invaded it from NATO territory in 2012. Once the encirclement is complete, analysts believe the the city will be finally liberated, in a process similar to the retaking of Homs further south.

The desperation of militants facing this final phase in the Battle for Aleppo is indicated by their Western sponsors’ attempts to broker a ceasefire and arrange “aid” to reach them. Similar attempts were made in vain during the closing phases in the Battle for Homs in mid-2014 – with the city of Homs having been an epicenter of terrorist activity beginning in 2011, and now under the control of the Syrian government. Small pockets of militants have been isolated within Homs, allowing order to be restored across the majority of the city and the surrounding region.

As the Syrian government systematically regains control of a nation up-ended by Western-backed terrorists flooding the country accompanied by a seemingly inexhaustible torrent of cash, weapons, and equipment, the desperation of these Western interests has visibly increased.

The Guardian, chief among the many propagandists distorting the conflict since it began in 2011, is now attempting to form a narrative extorting global security by claiming only by NATO establishing a no-fly-zone over Aleppo and repelling Syrian government forces, can “moderate rebels” hold on to the city and repel lingering “Islamic State” (ISIS) forces.
These same ISIS forces that are allegedly at odds with “moderate rebels” have seen thousands of so-called “moderates” defecting into their ranks recently bringing with them large sums of Western cash and weapons.

Related Info:

DW Report | ISIS Supply Channels from Turkey

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