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'Americans Know Their Weapons Will End Up in Hands of Terrorists' - Al-Nusra Commander Interviewer

US weapons are being delivered to Al-Nusra Front by governments that Washington supports, a militant commander has told German media. RT discusses the interview with Jürgen Todenhöfer, the journalist who spoke to the Al-Nusra commander.

The Al Nusra commander stated that the US, Saudis and Israelis have trained extremists to fight against the Syrian Government - something the journalist Todenhöfer underlines when he says Western support for terrorist groups is well understood by those closely following the conflict.

The Proxy War in Syria is a War Crime. We require a criminal investigation into those sponsoring the illegal war in order to stop the bloodbath. Arresting the head of the CIA would be a good first move.

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'Just Wait…' Islamic State Reveals it Has Smuggled THOUSANDS of Extremists into Europe

The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees.

The ISIS smuggler, who is in his thirties and is described as having a trimmed jet-black beard, revealed the ongoing clandestine operation is a complete success.

"Just wait," he smiled.

The Islamic State operative spoke exclusively to BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity and is believed to be the first to confirm plans to infiltrate western countries.

Islamic State, also referred to as IS and ISIS, is believed to be actively smuggling deadly gunmen across the sparsely-guarded 565-mile Turkish border and on to richer European nations, he revealed.

They are following the well-trodden route taken by refugees and migrants fleeing, travelling across the border of Turkey then on boats across to Greece and through Europe.

There are now more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen "ready" across the European Union, he claimed.
The operative said the undercover infiltration was the beginning of a larger plot to carry out revenge attacks in the West in retaliation for the US-led coalition airstrikes.

He said: "If someone attacks me then for sure I will attack them back."

Islamic State extremists are taking advantage of developed nations' generosity towards refugees to infiltrate Europe, he said.

Uncontrolled immigration is a bad idea, just as Western support for opposition (extremist) forces in Syria and Libya. The West has brought this situation upon itself.

Unfortunately the general population is largely unaware of what is happening in terms of State support for terrorists and have bought into 'feel good' refugee memes whilst almost completely ignoring security concerns.

Only when thousands of Europeans are gunned down or blown up, or sniped, by ISIS insurgents operating in Europe will they realise they need to pay more attention to world events and the role of their Governments in such affairs.

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Data Shows No Aerial Objects Approached MH17 from the East - Russian MoD

There are new details on the fate of the MH17 passenger jet accident, after Russia's Defence Ministry released radar data from the day of 2014 tragedy in Eastern Ukraine. According to the military, there's no evidence of a missile being fired at the plane from the territory controlled by anti-government forces.

This radar data is curious since it does not reveal evidence of a missile, where we have physical evidence from the crash site that shows the aircraft was hit by fragments from an explosive warhead.

The headline points out that no aerial objects approached the aircraft from the east. However, it says nothing about aerial objects approaching from other directions.

It is odd that there also no indications of other aircraft on this recording since multiple witnesses at the crash site reported seeing 'military jets' shortly after the wreckage came down - as reported by BBC Russia and denied by the Ukrainian Government.

A previous post on this site fully explored the evidence and concluded that the most likely scenario was that MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile:

Russian Arms Manufacturer Almaz-Antey Delivers MH17 Report [ft. Analysis and Observations]

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Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton | Presidential Debate Analysis - Stefan Molyneux

On September 26th, 2016, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton participated in the first Presidential debate between the Republican and Democratic candidates - moderated by Lester Holt.

You many not agree with every single point raised by Molyneux but the vast majority of what is raised in this discussion is accurate. People have pointed out that the moderator asked Trump for details, and did not ask the same of Hillary ...

It is undeniably true that almost all the negative accusations made against Trump are false.

The clip above mentions the series The Untruth About Trump and his opposition to the Iraq War. The beginning of the following 'Untruth Video' features his interview on the Howard Stern Show where he does NOT give a rousing endorsement of attacking Iraq on the first anniversary of 911. He never endorsed attacking Iraq before the invasion, and even said publicly that the US economy was more important than attacking Iraq. Privately, Trump was against the war - according to Hannity - but, as a public figure, saying so too robustly in the climate after 911 would have likely jeopardised his business dealings. However, right after the invasion occurred he came out strongly against it, even when the war was still relatively popular:

Even More Untruth About Donald Trump

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Video: Did Hillary wear a earpiece at Debate (Did she Cheat Again?)

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DEBUNKED: Trump is Hitler? Why HILLARY is More Like The Führer...

You've heard it a hundred times: "TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER!" But when you look past the click-bait rhetoric and compare actual policies, it's obvious the Hillary has far more similarities to the Führer...

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Record Ice Gain in Arctic & More Early Snows Across Northern Hemisphere

The satellite record as the IPCC would love you to believe is the entire history of Earth, not at all but, Arctic Sea Ice has gained the most ice since the satellite era began. Adding 800,000 sq km of ice in just weeks. In addition to record cold and early snows from Thailand to Turkey.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Lavrov Makes History: “Ceasefires” were Bogus. Accuses Washington of Flagrant Violations and Support of ISIS-Al Qaeda

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov made history today at the UN’s meeting of the Security Council, declaring that future unilateral pauses couched as ‘ceasefire agreements’ are off the table. He has skillfully referred to the mounting factual evidence of the US’s continued flagrant violations on any number of points of agreement over the course of this conflict.

These include primarily the violations of the ceasefire itself, in conjunction with officially leaked elements of the ‘secret text’ of the recent ceasefire which evidence that the US has been unable to reign in a number of groups signing onto previous ceasefires, let alone those groups the US claims to be moderates but did not sign onto the ceasefire, both of which continue to work closely with either ISIS or Jabat Al-Nusra. Russia has no doubt pointed out successfully that several of these groups are fictional entities, and are but operational synonyms of Al-Nusra (formerly called Al-Qaeda of the Levant), itself.

The impossible to ignore context here naturally is the ceasefire ending US joint attack alongside ISIS upon the Syrian Arab Army position at Deir ez-Zor which was sustained and lasted over an hour, despite calls from the Russian coordinating hotline which existed pursuant to standing agreements on deconfliction.

The other defining circumstances included the response of the US State Department at the emergency session of the UN Security Council a few nights ago, in particular the behaviour and callously undiplomatic remarks of representative Power, and the US’s following attempts to blame Russia for the attack on the Red Crescent aid convoy several days later, which increasingly appears as the result of either Al-Nusra militants on the ground or a US predator drone attack using an incendiary device.

Analysts and activists have long debated the utility of the ceasefire agreements. It had been noted, at times passionately, that the ceasefires were observed unilaterally by Russia and had the effect of allowing the US backed terrorist groups, whether organized under the ‘moderate’ banner or not, to rearm and regroup. Aid convoys had long been used as a backdoor to smuggle in needed dual-use basic supplies for repairing weapons, such as nuts, bolts, wiring – and even munitions and new weapons. It had long been documented that first aid and medicines intended for affected civilian populations generally wound up used by terrorist fighting groups inside of occupied parts of Aleppo.

Now this chapter comes to end, and it is revealed that Russia understood clearly all along that this was precisely the case. What was needed was a pretext, a consensus building show-and-tell to the Security Council which provides Russia and its allies on the Security Council and in the international community that ‘we tried Ceasefires – and this is what happened.

Below a jihadist explains the US sponsored rat-line supporting ISIS and Al Nusra (German TV report on RT):

Al-Nusra Commander Says US Supports Jihadists Indirectly, Provides Tanks & Artillery Via Allies

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Why The Hell Are We Still in Afghanistan?

15 years later, the US and its NATO allies still have troops in Afghanistan with no plans on leaving. We were told this was about 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden, but these were lies. So why are the troops still there? What was the war in Afghanistan really about? Michel Chossudovsky of the Centre for Research on Globalization joins us to explain.

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September Surprise: EX CIA Operative Outs Bill & Hillary Clinton As Cocaine Traffickers

This is a vintage video interview conducted by Alex Jones in 2000 with ex CIA operative turned author Terry Reed. Reed discloses that George HW Bush and Bill Clinton were part of a cocaine trafficking network that moved guns for drugs as part of federal operation conducted by Col. Oliver North. This interview was part of Police 2 The Takeover released in 2000. It has stood the test of time as we can glimpse into the corrupt souls of the Clintons as Hillary makes a desperate bid to become POTUS in the 2016 election.

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Trump vs Hillary Neocon Clinton Debate Breakdown: Part 1 [Updated]

Good overall analysis.

One point about a minimum wage. Many countries have it, and it hasn't crushed job creation, otherwise this is a great deconstruction of the spin pushed by Hillary. He does also criticise Trump, but the real danger to wealth and peace comes from Hillary Clinton.

[Update] Many people do not fully understand why the US economy imploded and then failed to recover - it was mainly due to jobs outsourcing, combined with the housing bubble. Trump is correct with his approach to solving the lack of employment within US borders. It is wise to consider what economist Paul Craig Roberts has said when it comes to outsourcing:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts discusses the decline of US economy

Note that the retention of internal productive activity, within national borders, is vital to creating and sustaining jobs. Profiteering, via outsourcing, only benefits a few. It is one thing to have cheap imported goods and another to have very few well paying jobs (or not enough jobs for the general population, ie high unemployment).

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Still Report #1217 – Post Debate #1 With Beth, Molly and Bill

Good morning, I’m still reporting on Debate #1

A good question is why anyone should be backing Hillary when she is a neocon warmonger. Trump on the other hand is an unknown quantity, but if his economic policies are followed, then jobs will return the country. He also favours teaming up with Russia to fight ISIS.

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New Podcast -- Black Violence on Asians and the Great Hoax of Charlotte

Colin Flaherty is an award winning writer whose work has been published in more than 1000 places around the globe, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, Washington Post, Bloomberg Business Week, Time magazine, and others. He is the author of Don't Make the Black Kids Angry: The hoax of black victimization and those who enable it. He is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller: "White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore It." His story on a black man unjustly convicted of trying to kill his white girlfriend resulted in the release of Kelvin Wiley from state prison and was featured on Court TV, The Los Angeles Times and NPR. Thomas Sowell: "Reading Colin Flaherty's book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities." - National Review. Sean Hannity: White Girl Bleed a Lot "has gone viral." Los Angeles Times: "a favorite of conservative voices." Alex Jones: "Brilliant. Could not put it down." Neal Boortz: "Colin Flaherty has become Public Enemy No.1 to the leftist media because of his research on black culture of violence." From the Bill Cunningham show. It is official: "Colin Flaherty is a great American.A wonderful book." "Prescient. Ahead of the News. Garnering attention and sparking important discussions." Allen West: "At least author Colin Flaherty is tackling this issue (of racial violence) in his new book, White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it." David Horowitz: "A determined reporter, Colin Flaherty, broke ranks to document these rampages in a book titled, White Girl Bleed A Lot."

Who is Criticizing Black Lives Matter

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Propaganda Games: Sesame Credit - The True Danger of Gamification - Extra Credits

China has gamified being an obedient citizen with the creation of Sesame Credit. The game links to your social network and gives you a score for doing things that the government approves of, but it also reduces that score for doing things the government disapproves of. Even your friends' scores affect your own, and being friends with people who have a low score will drag your score down as well. This insidious system applies social pressure on people to ostracize their friends with lower scores, either forcing those friends to change their ways or effectively quarantining their rebellious ideas. While many sci-fi visions of a dystopian future have centered around a bleak government that controls through fear, Sesame Credit shows us that a government can use gamification and positive reinforcement to be just as controlling. And it's real. While currently the system is opt-in, the government plans to make it mandatory in 2020. Once mandatory, it may give rewards for good scores or penalties for bad ones. And in the meantime, making it opt-in has already set the tone for the game: people participate willingly, so they find it fun, and they set a very high standard for what the "average" score should be. Already people have begun sharing their scores on social media.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

West Still Arming Al-Nusra in Syria, Peace Almost Impossible – Russia’s UN envoy

An emergency UN Security Council meeting on Syria has wrapped up in New York. It was requested by the United States, Britain and France amid the escalating conflict in the city of Aleppo. The meeting saw a heated exchange between the Russian and American envoys.

Western coverage of the war in Syria omit the actions of the extremist forces that are in control of East Aleppo. They are actively shelling Government areas. In response the Syrian Army is trying to destroy them. There is not an "indiscriminate attack" by the Syrian Government side against civilians as portrayed in the corporate mainstream media.

Furthermore, the Syrian Army offered surrender terms and safe passage out of the conflict zone for the militants operating in East Aleppo, which was refused.

Plus consider the conservative (non-conspiracy) Wikipedia page on the Battle of Aleppo. It names the opposition belligerents as the Free Syrian Army, and then lists all the other main groups which consist of extremists, who happen to work with the FSA (that the US openly supports).

The truth of the war is all about us, except that the mainstream western media appears deaf and blind to what is actually happening - strongly suggesting that 'our' media (at various levels) is operating as a propaganda tool for the criminal Governments supporting the terrorist forces.

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Roger Stone: Hillary Might Not Make It, Could Start A War

Roger Stone breaks down the latest on Hillary's Health and how far will she make it into the debate before we start seeing problems. Alex & Roger also take a look at her foreign policy over the years that led to the refugee crisis in Libya and chaos in other parts of the middle east.

Apart from war (and assassination) the other huge issue they raise is election fraud. In a fair fight Trump should win.

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Still Report #1212 – Debate #1 Eve - the Shadow of Ross Perot

The excitement generated by Donald Trump’s campaign is nothing new. The last outbreak of it was 24 years ago as another businessman, Ross Perot threw his hat in the ring for many of the same reasons – especially the so-called “free trade” issues surrounding another trade called NAFTA.
Ross Perot made me realize that we were being lied to and that so-called “free trade” was, in reality the slave trade.

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Answers for Libertarians - Sargon

Responded to the questions of some of my favourite YouTubers on the topic of Libertarianism

I'm sympathetic to Sargon's views here. We need freedoms but some level of regulation* to protect people from levels of harm dealt by others, including oppressing one's right to be heard. This is what the US Constitution is about. There are prohibitions on murder, committing fraud, stopping people from exercising their right to free speech and punishment for violating such Laws.

The founding fathers of the US Constitution warned that vigilance (plus education) was needed to stop corrupt Governments and that regular revolution or revolt was a good thing, to protect people's freedoms. 'Good' Government, albeit somewhat flawed, is needed to keep a level of order and oversight to allow people to go about their private business (including to compete on a relatively level playing field - that makes for efficient allocation of capital within that frame work). The initial 'contract' for business operations was aimed at fair trade, not unrestricted (monopolistic, racketeering) 'free' trade.

The Government system we experience at the moment is corrupt where big money has destroyed the 'public interest' aspect and skewed things toward the rich and powerful so that there are 'two Americas'. There is abundant 'justice' for the rich but not for the poor.

To fix the system one needs a revolt and a reshaping to decentralise power as much as possible, and to make such Governments as transparent as possible where EVERYTHING is recorded, where the Government pay is equal to the minimum wage (or made very low), where those in office are banned from working for any corporation they dealt with, and where there is increased (direct) accountability. The Swiss people get to direct vote on important issues - so that must be considered an option.

What is essential is that EXISTING US LAW be ENFORCED for everyone, no matter who the person. If the President does it, it does not make it legal.

*Note, there is a problem with overregulation in various parts of the US.

*Second note on guns - where poverty and crime is out of control, where the criminals have guns, the best method of defence is to allow every citizen to possess guns (because clearly the police and state cannot protect you). Where there is affluence and no violent crime, having guns should not be an issue, except when it comes to accidental killings.

*Third note on state power from Thomas Jefferson - "When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

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"Sometimes Party Loyalty Asks Too Much" - Lifelong Establishment Democrat Urges Voters To Support Trump

I have been steeped in the Democratic Party all my life. My father, Jerry, was a New York City Democratic chairman and power broker, and I grew up in and around the Democratic Party. When I was a young man, former senators and Democratic presidential and vice-presidential nominees Herbert Humphrey and Estes Kefauver stayed at my apartment and we would proudly discuss the great traditions of the Democratic Party.

My father was a pallbearer at St. Patrick’s for Bobby Kennedy’s funeral. When I was young, Robert F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy were (and remain) my political heroes. Four years ago, former New York Gov. and liberal lion Mario Cuomo spoke at my father’s funeral. I think his son, current Gov. Andrew Cuomo, is a very effective leader.

I was elected five times to the New York state Assembly as a Democrat. In 1977, I beat David Dinkins and Robert Wagner Jr. in the election for borough president of Manhattan, and then was elected twice as City Council president.

With this background it is very hard for me not to support the Democratic nominee for president this year. But I believe my party has become the party of the elites and moneyed class and has deserted its historic mission as the party of the working class and disadvantaged.

Given my level of discomfort with the current leftist orientation of the Democratic Party, I am now supporting Republican nominee Donald Trump for president. I urge my fellow Democrats to vote for Mr. Trump.

I have known him since the early 1970s and have seen his deep concern for people, and how effective he has been while working on behalf of the average citizen.

Donald Trump is no racist. On the contrary, he offers the best hope for rebuilding our inner cities and creating better education and jobs for those trapped in poverty and lacking hope. When a hurricane devastated Puerto Rico in 1984, I asked Mr. Trump to provide a 727 airliner to bring critical supplies to the island. He did so and without publicity. I asked him to rebuild the Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park because the city couldn’t complete it in 10 years. Mr. Trump did it in under six months and under budget.

While he has made some controversial and provocative statements, I strongly believe he will bring needed change and vitality to our nation and shake up our political system, which is in a state of crisis.

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Keiser Report (E971): Earthquakes & Economy

In this episode of the Keiser Report Max and Stacy look at the geology of earthquakes in order to understand economics and finance. In the second half Max interviews Pierre Jovanovic, author of the upcoming book, The History of John Law, about the matter of Madame Christine Lagarde and about the current economic crisis in the tourism industry of France.

The fall off of tourism is having a big impact on the already weak French economy where Jovanovic points out the impact of terrorism. However, there is also the fact that Paris is awash with unemployed migrants that discourages tourism. The situation will not get much better because there is not an abundance of low skilled jobs. Furthermore the French welfare state encourages these people to stay where they are rather than returning to their countries of origin (putting a burden on the national budget). 

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Late Summer, Feet of Snow in Canada and Blizzard in Yellowstone | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035

In the last official days of summer Alberta received over a foot of snow and another blizzard dumped snow in Yellowstone national park. Montana and the areas near Glacier national park also had unusual snows, and low temperatures. Little reported in US news, Russian Television took up the story. Now we need to get US weather information form foreign media outlets and social media.

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