Sunday, 23 October 2016

Rebels Don't Let Civilians Flee Aleppo, Shell Humanitarian Corridor with Mortars

Islamist militants have shelled a ‘humanitarian corridor’ set up to allow civilians to escape from eastern Aleppo, RIA Novosti reported. The shelling came amid a ceasefire declared the by Syrian military and Russian Air Force.

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Boom! National Poll: Trump Leading 67% To Hillary’s 19% Of 50,000 Voters

This poll is going viral and represents an even split of republicans, democrats and independents
Don’t believe the public polls, they are bought and paid for by the DNC

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Donald Trump just beat Hillary Clinton right where it hurts tonight. This video needs to be seen by everyone. Seriously. This video will go down in history. Donald Trump walked out on stage and burned hillary alive and made election history in the process something that will change the election forever!

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Open Borders: There Goes Your Country. Open Trade: There Goes Your Job.

Lou Dobbs Tonight 10/19/16 - Wikileaks: Clinton... by debunkerbuster

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WikiLeaks Roundup: Most Damning Clinton Revelations So Far

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Proof That Donald Trump Does Not Assault Women

The media keeps lying to you because you keep letting them. USA is focusing on the wrong scandal.

This is analysis of Trump's 'pussy grabbing' locker room talk done by a woman with 15 years experience in the 'entertainment industry.'

I don't know about Trump's behaviour in private, when the cameras are off, but there is no public evidence that shows Trump assaulting anyone. The start of the clip deals with his comments on an attempt to pick up a married woman, that failed, where we have missed the audio section before that point.

We do not know how much of what Trump is saying is 'shit talk' - where he is embellishing something that did happen. Clearly Trump is also pushing things to get Billy Bush to laugh.

What is very important, and something I also noticed separately, is Trump's body language when they hop off the bus. He does nothing to grab or take advantage of the hostess. The person pushing the sexual approach is Billy Bush.

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Correcting the Narrative on Vote Fraud in the USA - A Letter to ABC Australia News Radio

Dear ABC News,

Your shallow story on President Obama telling Trump to quit about the vote fraud issue is misleading your audience. You need to correct the narrative.

Have you ever considered that President Obama could be wrong when he says that there has been no evidence of significant vote fraud?

Are you aware of the fact that US electronic vote machines can be easily hacked? The documentary Hacking Democracy, in reaction to the seeming theft of the 2004 Presidential election (more on this below), proved this. The clip, "The Hack" demonstrates how easy it is to tamper with the machines undetected:

The voting machines themselves leave no paper trail - there is no way to confirm the results of an election except by using exit poll data - and in 2004 the exit polls were 'wrong'.

Furthermore, Princeton University computer scientists confirmed that the electronic voting machines could be easily hacked, with no way to discover the fraud. Their experiment is available on video:

Then we have the under oath testimony of computer programmer Clint Curtis who wrote election stealing software that he strongly believes was used in Ohio during the 2004 Presidential Election where the exit polls didn't match official figures. He originally wrote the vote stealing software in relation an election in Florida, which he thought was part of an exercise to stop such fraud.

Here is his testimony:

Most importantly, an overall academic assessment was made of the 2004 Presidential Election that showed without doubt that fraud had been used to allow George W Bush to beat John Kerry:

No Paper Trail Left Behind: the Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election

Other instances of voter fraud that you should be aware of include the Ron Paul primary campaign of 2012 and the Bernie Sanders primary campaign of 2016 where there exist a number lawsuits filed against the DNC for rigging the vote.

It is very easy to research this topic.

To treat Trump's remarks about the vote rigging as fanciful is to ignore facts. President Obama is flat out wrong when he says there is no evidence for large scale vote fraud.

Do not mislead your audience.

Please forward this message to various news directors and correct your reporting on this issue to accurately reflect established fact.

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SR1281 - Was Crooked Clinton Fed Debate #3 Questions?

THE most damning thing that just jumped out at me last night was that Hillary Clinton was fed at least two of the questions Mike Wallace would be asking her, and at least one trip-up question he would be asking Donald Trump.

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

White Helmets' Black Record: 'Real Syrian Civil Defence Groups Describe Them as Terrorists'

The favourite rescue team of Western nations in Syria - the White Helmets - have been lauded with yet more praise, despite having dubious connections to militants. While the West has long supported the group, there's wide debate over the White Helmets' online image and its real intentions. Some members feature in cute clips of them feeding homeless cats - but others have been spotted with militants

We spoke to researcher and journalist Vanessa Beeley, who's recently been on a fact-finding trip in Syria. She says there are clear indications on the ground that the White Helmets are siding with terrorists.

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Yemen War: Little Chances for Peace

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Will the US Elections be Rigged? #IfTheMediaRiggedTheElection

And will the media tell you if it is?

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Donald Trump Rally in Colorado Spings Colorado 10/18/2016 Trump Colorado Springs Speech

Trump talking about term limits for Congress, action against lobbyists and special interests, plus fixing trade deals that have gutted the US economy.

Note: Paul Craig Roberts agrees that November the 8th is our last chance, where he linked to this very clip.

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Fact-Checking Hillary Clinton's Presidential Debate Lies - Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux fact-checks Hillary Clinton's claims from the third and final Presidential debate and explains why media falsehoods can lead to massive destruction and war.

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Latest Wikileaks, New Video Proves Election Fraud, Clinton Chef Says Hillary Called Black People the N Word

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Rigged Town Hall Questions: Clinton's Campaign Resorted to THIS?? Seriously?

Being a lying politician is bad enough, but to resort to scripting and staging events like Town Hall meetings? What the heck? Maybe this has always gone on. Thanks to Alternative media...they can't easily get away with it anymore! 

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Keiser Report (E981): Mom Joins in

Max and Stacy discuss more warnings of global economic imbalances and the failings of neoliberalism. Max talks to Mike Maloney of about his latest chapter in his online documentary on monetary history, Hidden Secrets of Money.

Max still thinks Brexit was a bad move but the issue is one of sovereignty where the EU has become a thoroughly corrupt entity. Leaving was a good idea. A level of protectionism is also a good idea.

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Friday, 21 October 2016

Syrian War Report – October 18/19, 2016: Militants Surrender in Damascus Countryside/Russia Creates Outpost to Fight ISIS Terrorists Fleeing Iraq

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CrossTalk on U.S. Election: Media Lynching?

A public lynching or a corporate media coup d'etat? There is no doubt the two major candidates running for the U.S. presidency are deeply flawed. However, the liberal media prefers to spend most of time attacking Donald Trump, while ignoring Hillary Clinton’s questionable past.
CrossTalking with Brian Becker, James Jatras, and Harlan Hill.

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SR1273, Trump Rally Violence Came from Crooked Hillary Clinton [MUST SEE]

Having been to a good many Trump rallies, we knew that the MSM was lying when they said that the violence came from Trumpsters. One of these idiot lefty plants was sitting in the seat directly behind me at one of them – my age, but dirty, smelly, and with a black beard died with blue streaks.
When his time came, he stood up and started yelling at Trump and made a big fuss as security took him out. But there is a big difference knowing that there was some sinister organization behind these guys, and actually seeing the head of this organization admit that he paid mentally ill people – the handicapped, homeless people, and hoodlums to participate in this stuff.

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