Friday, 19 January 2018

Syrian War Report – January 17, 2018: ISIS And HTS Unite Efforts Against Syrian Army In Idlib

Plus US tells Turkey they are not supporting the Kurds West of the Euphrates river. Turkey prepares for an expanded military invasion.

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Donald Trump Insults White House Press Corps. by Ordering Them ‘Out’

President Trump has been under a new storm of attacks ever since he allegedly referred to third world countries as “sh*tholes” during a private meeting with congressional Democrats and Republicans last week.

The outrage has reached a fever pitch, and some liberals are actually weeping over the comments. That’s right, weeping.

Over the weekend, you couldn’t read a major news site without encountering journalists screaming that Trump was a racist for the comments, despite the fact that every American has said the exact same thing at some point in their life.

It’s obnoxious behavior, but it’s par for the course for the contemporary media. The press has long given up the veil of impartiality and revealed itself to be partisan mouthpiece of the Democratic Party. That truth couldn’t be more apparent in all the fake reporting going on around Trump, whether it’s through publishing fake scoops or using fake pictures to slander President Trump.

Today, it looks like the President had enough of the media’s dirty reporting. At the end of a press conference with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Trump tired of the aggressive questioning from the White House press corps. In one word, he ordered them out of the room.

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Trump Warns Xi That "Disappointing" Surge In China Trade Deficit Is "Not Sustainable"

While President Trump "expressed hope" that the resumed inter-Korean dialogue may prompt a change in North Korea’s destructive behavior, perhaps more notable was the fact that President Trump used the call "express disappointment that the United States’ trade deficit with China has continued to grow" and made clear that "the situation is not sustainable."

It is unclear just what Trump will do about it but as we noted previously, it seems China is deeply worried about US trade sanctions, and more broadly the US taking  more assertive in rectifying perceived issues in the bilateral trade relations. Every Administration goes through an episode of promising to deal with Chinese trade interventions and ends up with a watered down, vague agreement. China's pre-emptive action (with its Treasury purchase headlines) suggests that this time the level of worry is different.

Of course this week also reportedly sees the launch of the Petro-Yuan futures contract.

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Raheem Kassam: Sh*thole London - Paul Joseph Watson

Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam talks about THAT Sky News interview and why Sadiq Khan's London really is turning into a sh*thole.

Mass deportations are needed along with a relentless crackdown on radical elements operating within the country.

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Fake Hate Crime in Canada as Police Admit Hijab Scissors Attack Never Happened (Styx)

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Mike Cernovich & Stefan Molyneux On Immigration From Shithole Countries

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Black Death: Fears of PLAGUE Break Out in Africa as Eye Bleeding Fever Sweeps Uganda

The young girl, from Uganda, showed terrifying signs of the contagious viral disease  related to the Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHR) on Thursday, January 11.

This disease - which can kill up to 40 percent of all infected and is usually spread by tick bites or contact with infected livestock - can cause muscle pains, headaches, vomiting, diarrhoea and bleeding.

The girl’s tragic death has now sparked massive fears about a health crisis after another three people were said to have died in Uganda from the “eye-bleeding fever”.

Rapid response teams raced to disinfect the girl’s home and take the body away, while blood samples have been taken to Uganda Virus Research Institute to confirm the cause of death.

However the health teams didn't give her grieving family any details about when they could have her body back.

Speaking to local media, family member Harriet Nalunkuma said: "We are stranded on what to do because the health teams took away the body.

"We are waiting for a communication regarding the burial arrangements."

Local district Health Officer Dr Badru Ssesimba confirmed that blood samples from the girl's body had been handed over to the Uganda Virus Research Institute.
And local officials in the East African country are concerned this could be a completely new disease, after being hit with several deadly strains of the plague in recent weeks.

Last week Uganda's Ministry of Health denied claims by local officials in Nakaseke that Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic fever had broken out.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever is a widespread viral disease caused by a tick-borne virus (Nairovirus) of the Bunyaviridae family. 

The disease can kill up 40% per cent of those infected by it, with symptoms including fever, headaches, vomiting, nausea, neck pain and stiffness, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, bleeding from the eyes, mouth and anus.

Although this outbreak might be a natural occurrence one should expect massive biological attacks - subtle releases of contagions by covert means in order to depopulate the continent. The powers that be are likely to do such a thing.

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The Fundamental Deception Of Climate Science - Tony Heller

In this video I discuss the fundamental deception behind the global warming scam. The claim that CO2 drives temperatures in ice core proxy data, has no basis in reality.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Trump, Bannon, Deep State, and Chelsea’s Wedding. Michael Rivero

Fake News Awards, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and New California
Guest's website:

Plus Turkey's move to launch a war in Syria against the Kurds.

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Trump: The Art Of Breaking A Deal - Brother Nathanael

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LEAKED: New UN Boss Reveals Chilling Plot To Promote Global Mass Migration

The United Nations has one mission above all others – to break down the borders of independent nations and mix cultures all over the planet, in order to bring all of humanity under a New World Order: a single bureaucratic tyranny. And they just made a serious move that has Patriots on edge.

U.N. Secretary General António Guterres has shared his plan to bring about mass migration across the world in the left-wing slimerag The Guardian, according to Breitbart News. Guterres is a former Socialist Party prime minister and a native of Portugal, and took the highest position in the UN on Jan. 1, 2017.

Guterres wrote an article titled “Migration can benefit the world. This is how we at the UN plan to help” and in it makes the insane claim that mass migration from third world countries “powers economic growth, reduces inequalities and connects diverse societies.” That lie comes straight from the playbook of the world’s leading advocate for mass migration, the Global Compact for Migration.

From The Guardian:
This year, governments will negotiate a global compact on migration through the United Nations. This will be the first overarching international agreement of its kind. It will not be a formal treaty. Nor will it place any binding obligations on states. Instead, it is an unprecedented opportunity for leaders to counter the pernicious myths surrounding migrants, and lay out a common vision of how to make migration work for all our nations.
The article claims the migration agreement will not “place any binding obligations on states” while conveniently forgetting that’s exactly what a treaty entails. As for the “pernicious myths surrounding migrants,” the only myths surrounding migrants are that they are good, must be welcomed, and do not hold any contrary values to Western capitalist democracy.

He goes on to state that we must “recognise and reinforce the benefits of migration … Migrants make huge contributions to both their host countries and countries of origin.”

Here’s what’s rich – Guterres further argues that migrants come in to “take jobs” that the native population simply will not do, such as farm work and manufacturing. His goal is to turn colored people back into hard-working slaves, and claims this is a good thing.

That also begs the question, what DOES the native population do if they don’t want to work these jobs? Do they simply go on welfare? The facts show us that it’s the other way around.

Former UN Special Representative for Migration Peter Sutherland, once infamously remarked that the European Union needs to do everything in its power to “undermine national homogeneity” and promote “multicultural states” with the power of mass migration.

Guterres’ obsession with freedom of movement and the abolition of all national identities does anything but fuel economies – it destroys them.

Most immigrants, whether legal or illegal, have much lower education levels than the native populations of Western democracies. A Democrat who insists that people who can’t even graduate high school or finish a college degree can benefit an economy in a more meaningful way than skilled natives, doesn’t have their head screwed on right.

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John Podesta, Hillary’s Creepy Campaign Manager, Now in Middle of Obama’s Illegal Spying on Trump and Phony Dossier

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Steve Hughes: Politically Correct People Ruin Everything

The dude is woke. He smashes the identity politics, virtue signalling, and victimology of the SJWs. The left are sliding into the sort of mindset that people like Pol Pot used to exterminate threats to their ideology. You don't have to agree with everything he says, but most of what he is saying here is right on target.  

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Correcting the Australian Public Broadcaster on Russia-gate and US Political Coverage - A Letter

Dear News Radio,

The ABC states in promo clips that they endeavour to report the news 'without bias', however, this comes across like the Fox News claim of being 'fair and balanced' when juxtaposed to real independent analysis of world events, especially with regards to US politics.

The problem with your US coverage, centred around Trump and Russia-gate, is that your fact checking involves talking to biased entities - namely "Washington insiders" who are essentially part of the crooked war mongering establishment. These people are acknowledged puppets of big money and are invariably pro-war.

So why act like interviewing these people, or interviewing those advising them, represents real journalism? Why do you constantly talk to plebs from the US Studies Centre that engage in this sort of shallow and misleading 'analytical' behaviour?

The head of this studies group, in a recent interview (17/1), came out and "confirmed" the contents of Michael Wolff's book, Fire and Fury, but didn't point out that the author himself (Wolff) has a record of making things up, and that the people he interviewed to confirm the book's contents (Washington sources) invariably are part of the "anti-Trump" establishment (ie people who have been seeking to remove Trump from office are likely making thing up). Those wanting Trump gone include both Democrats AND Republicans.

In reference to what I heard in the ABC radio interview, while I agree it is likely that there were three factions going against each other within the White House I have strong doubts that the Trump campaign team planned on losing. They might have had contingencies in case of a loss to Hillary (perhaps one of the most corrupt candidates we've seen) but those of us who had a sense of the US electorate strongly considered a Trump win. We knew that the US economy was broken (as opposed to the media's propaganda that there had been a modest recovery) and we knew the polls had been rigged in oversampling of Democrat voters. The only issue was that of electronic vote rigging and other KNOWN forms of manipulation.

Because the entire establishment is against Trump we cannot believe anything that comes out of Washington at face value. Therefore one must consider the recent claim that Trump used the term "shithole" to describe (accurately) the condition in a number of third world countries. While he might have used language that conveyed a similar meaning it seems unlikely that he actually used that word. There are conflicting reports and no evidence to back it up - except the word of crooked Washington officials/politicians. The ABC, in checking the facts here, would simply consult biased colleagues of those making such accusations. Nevertheless, the blunt language used by Trump, whatever the terms used, has advanced the debate instead of the problems being papered over with politically correct (obfuscating) language.

In terms of your sources for the ongoing investigation into Russia-gate, how can you people at the ABC, with straight faces, keep discussing (uncritically) Robert Mueller's investigation, pretending as if;

1. there is actual evidence of Russian meddling in the US election, (there is none, plus the Piss-gate dossier was found to be a fabrication paid for by the Clinton campaign etc), and

2. that Mueller is an independent investigator (with his ties to James Comey, ties to the Uranium One deal, and with him being in office at the FBI during periods (2001-13) when high crimes were covered up (Google Mueller cover-up etc).
Your coverage of this issue is a joke.

And where is your coverage of

1. Hillary's unsecured classified emails that looks like treason/espionage, with ""Special Access" materials transmitted on unsecure lines, and

2. the Clinton Foundation's pay for play scheme in which money was paid into the fund while Hillary was the Secretary of State that coincided with approvals and special access for groups/individuals that had paid large sums of money, and

3. the Clinton involvement in diverting billions of dollars away from Haiti earthquake relief efforts, and where Haitians have been protesting against them in the USA in recent years?

For starters, I recommend you start watching You Tube video analysis of these issues from H.A. Goodman, a former Huffington Post writer who covers this high level corruption.  
At present you people at ABC News come across as being complicit in covering up high crimes with your misreporting of these events. Correct the record and engage in real research on this issue. You cannot keep pretending that Washington, as a whole, is above board.

Just because people speak eloquently, wear suits and have an air of authority does not exempt them from being crooked. The same goes for Trump, but at present this level of critique (minus the eloquence) is only being applied to Trump.

The level of analysis employed by ABC journalists in relation to US politics is simply not good enough. You are hoodwinking the public and are in clear violation of the ABC Code of Practice. Correct your narrative. At present you are grossly and provably MISLEADING YOUR AUDIENCE.

Thanks for your attention,

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Keiser Report: Indulgence & Hell (E1176, ft. Max Blumenthal)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss a future in which prisoners can serve 1,000-year terms in 8.5 hours, and the British debtors who are already experiencing similar with debt loads that can never be paid off. In the second half, Max interviews journalist Max Blumenthal about how ‘Russiagate’ helped secure a “dangerous arms deal.”

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Trump Has Deep State Terrified – Kevin Shipp

The very people that have been attacking Donald Trump are now feeling the Trump counter attack. Former top CIA officer Kevin Shipp says, “They are terrified, they are terrified right now. They did not expect Trump to do what he is doing now. The reason they tried to get him even before he was elected is they knew he was uncontrollable, and they knew if he got in there, they would not be able to manipulate him, and that is exactly what’s happening. There are some people, and there is no doubt about it, that are running scared right now. . . . Donald Trump is questioning the Deep State and the shadow government. He’s rocking that place left and right. The news media is terrified of that. Their editors are telling them to attack him just like they are attacking him from the inside. It’s just dirty pool because they want him taken out.”

In closing, Shipp says, “Trump is making tremendous progress despite tremendous resistance. They have already done a character assassination on him, and I think they could go further than that. . . . Trump is making progress, and he has them running scared.”

Never trust 'ex'-CIA officers. Part of the CIA's mission is to disseminate propaganda, which is what these guys do. Nevertheless, one hopes that this insider is speaking the truth here. However, one red flag was Shipp's advocating for Robert Mueller. Otherwise his characterisation of Clinton espionage and the pedo networks was accurate. The big problem with Mueller, and also Jeff Sessions, is that they are swamp creatures and can block or derail efforts to get rid of the corrupt.

If the gist of what this CIA guy says is true then it's possible that Trump is playing a hidden game, with his real objectives following that outlined in his campaign promises. Expect Trump to be playing along with things he doesn't agree with in order to achieve other more important goals - like going after the pedo networks and having the US withdraw from overseas engagements (through making himself a pariah via loose and insulting language).

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Syria militants in US seeking CIA dollars to ‘confront Iran’s influence’

Syria militant leaders are in the United States demanding American dollars to fund an allegedly defunct CIA program to “confront Iran’s influence.”

Representatives of the so-called Free Syrian Army are reportedly pressing Americans to revive the program that provides military aid to the militants fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

In July, US President Donald Trump reportedly ended the clandestine program, to provide arms and supplies to the militant groups, who attempt to destabilize the situation Syria.

Trump tacitly confirmed the existence of the program later when he blamed the Washington Post for fabricating “the facts on my ending massive, dangerous, and wasteful payments to Syrian rebels fighting Assad.”

Mustafa Sejari, a senior official in Syria’s mainstream militant group, has now told Reuters, that they are seeking the revival of the program that was launched under former President Barack Obama, yet was never publicly acknowledged.

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Syrian War Report – January 15, 2018: Syrian Army Liberates Dozens Villages In Southwestern Aleppo

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Ron Paul: "Who Killed Martin Luther King... And Why?"

Dr. Martin Luther King's stance against the Vietnam War led him to be shunned by much of the liberal establishment that applauded his work on civil rights in the US. Was challenging the US warfare state the third rail that cost MLK his life?

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The Mass Brainwashing of Germany - Paul Joseph Watson

This is what capitulation looks like.

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