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False Flag Admission: Euromaidan Snipers Were Hired By Ukrainian Opposition

Italia’s Channel 5 has released a documentary, which reveals the truth about the Euromaidan “snipers” incident in 2014.

The slaughter of people by snipers was the event which turned world opinion against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and resulted in a large-scale escalation of the situation during the so-called Euromaidan protests. The mainstream media accused the Yanukovych government of conducting this crime.

However, in the documentary “Ukraine, the hidden truths”, serveral of the snipers admitted that the pro-US/EU Ukrainain opposition was behind these deaths.

According to the documentary, Georgian Alexander Revazishvilli and his two companions were hired in in Tbilisi by Mamuka Mamulashvili to support the Euromaidan coup alongisde with other Georgian and Lithuanian volunteers.

Mamulashvili and other leaders of the Ukrainian opposition distributed weapons among the hired “volunteer groups” and tasked them shoot at the protestors and policy and sow the chaos.

Undercover operations with civilian casualties are a common sign of various coups staged by the global cartel around the world.

The Italian newspaper Il Giornale reported on the issue (Google translation)

Before these admissions there was already strong evidence showing that the snipers targeted both protesters and police. The same thing happened earlier at the start of the conflict in Syria.


Ukraine Crisis - What You're Not Being Told

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JFK: The 'Official' Conspiracy Theory (RECAP)

Why is the establishment so desperate to reinforce the official narrative behind the assassination of JFK 50 years later?

The video above is from 2013 and deals with disinformation surrounding the assassination.

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Debunking 'JFK: The Smoking Gun' - A Response to Questions about the Film

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The Zapruder Film Mystery

While serving as chief analyst of military records at the Assassination Records Review Board in 1997, Douglas Horne discovered that the Zapruder Film was examined by the CIA's National Photographic Interpretation Center two days after the assassination of President Kennedy.

In this film, Horne interviews legendary NPIC photo interpreter Dino Brugioni, who speaks for the first time about another NPIC examination of the film the day after the assassination. Brugioni didn't know about the second examination and believes the Zapruder Film in the archives today is not the film he saw the day after the assassination.

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JFK's revenge part 1- the Zapruder film was altered

The Muchmore film suggests frames were removed from the Zapruder film 

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JFK: A Conspiracy Theory

Everything you wanted to know about the JFK assassination in under 5 minutes. The Warren Commission: connecting the dots so you don't have to!

A brief MUST SEE Corbett Report summation of Oswald's movements, the assassination, the Warren Commission investigation, and the media's reporting on what happened.

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The JFK Assassination Autopsy Cover-up; Only One Picture is telling the Real story here:

I found this photo (here) that one could consider as a brief "anatomy" of the cover-up.

When these photos are juxtaposed with the damning physical evidence, indicating that Kennedy was shot from the front, we are left with the conclusion that the Dallas Doctors, who first saw the victim, correctly understood the nature of the wounds.

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Proof JFK Hit in the Back Not Neck - Single Gunman Theory Debunked (RECAP)

[The position of the bullet hole seen in the shirt and jacket (top two pictures) clearly rules out scenario offered by the official story as described in the picture directly above.]

Thirty-three years ago, Gerald R. Ford took pen in hand and changed - ever so slightly - the Warren Commission's key sentence on the place where a bullet entered John F. Kennedy's body when he was killed in Dallas.

The effect of Ford's change was to strengthen the commission's conclusion that a single bullet passed through Kennedy and severely wounded Texas Gov. John Connally - a crucial element in its finding that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole gunman.
''This is the most significant lie in the whole Warren Commission report,'' said Robert D. Morningstar, a computer systems specialist in New York City who said he has studied the assassination since it occurred and written an Internet book about it.

The effect of Ford's editing, Morningstar said, was to suggest that a bullet struck Kennedy in the neck, ''raising the wound two or three inches. Without that alteration, they could never have hoodwinked the public as to the true number of assassins.''

If the bullet had hit Kennedy in the back, it could not have struck Connolly in the way the commission said it did, he said.

Apologists for the official, lone gunman story have claimed that JFK's shirt and jacket were "bunched up" so that the hole, although appearing in the back, actually lined up with the neck. This claim has been disproven (see here). On this evidence alone it can be concluded that Oswald could not have been solely responsible for the assassination.

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Connelly Describing His Wound in JFK Murder - AFTER Kennedy Had Been Hit the First Time (Four Shots)

Texas Governor John Connelly describing his wounding in the JFK assassination. Of significance, notice that John Connally is NOT bent over for several seconds AFTER we see him emerge from behind the sign. John Connally was shot in the back AFTER President Kennedy was shot in the back/neck.

Remember the official story has JFK shot through the neck, with the first round, simultaneous to Connolly being hit. Yet we have Connolly indicating he was still unhurt after already hearing the first shot. The Zapruder film confirms this account rather than the official narrative.

So we have one shot to JFK's neck, one into the road, one to Connolly and one more to JFK's head. That is 4. The sound recording also shows that there were at least 4, maybe up to 7 shots. If there were more than 3 shots, then there must have been more than one shooter.

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The Truth About RT America (Redacted Tonight)

The Department of Justice ordered RT to register as a foreign agent, yet refuses to cite what laws were broken. Furthermore, the government has none nothing to demonstrate how RT journalists are taking orders from the Kremlin, which is what’s required by FARA. They have not demonstrated that RT employees have lobbied Congress on behalf of the Russian government, and this move is clearly political since ACTUAL foreign lobbyists like the P0desta Group and A I P A C were not threatened with arrests. RT is a test case for a wider campaign of media suppression. The fact is the political establishment is scared to death that more and more people are abandoning the big 6 corporate media, and does not want you hearing outside perspectives.

Lee Camp points out that many of the RT America hosts are former mainstream media pundits that were booted from the networks because they held 'unsatisfactory' views, like being against illegal wars, speaking out against Wall Street corruption and similar things.

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Culture Collapse in Canada. Prepare Yourself Accordingly (Molyneux)

A 37-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested for publicly masturbating at aquatic center in Canada and previously was found “giving a young person a consensual back massage” but was only given a suspended sentence and 24 months of probation. Stefan Molyneux breaks down major inconsistencies in how the story is being reported, cultural differences as a legal defense and the danger of changing legal standards due to multiculturalism.

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Insane Hillary Clinton Urges Investigation of "Credible" Sex Assault Allegations Against Trump

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From Global Cooling To Global Warming : 50 Years Of Climate Change At NCAR (Tony Heller)

Back in the days of Walter Orr Roberts' leadership, NCAR did excellent climate research. But sadly, under the direction of Kevin Trenberth they have become highly politicized and their climate research has become junk science.

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“Injecting Aluminum”: The Dangers of Aluminum as a Vaccine Adjuvant

Aluminum has been recognized as a neurotoxic ingredient by leading researchers and scientists across the globe. So why do babies in the U.S. receive up to 4,925 micrograms (mcg) of aluminum within the first 18 months, and an additional 170 to 625 mcg by the age of 6 through routine vaccinations?

What are the possible side effects of aluminum on the human body when injected? Aluminum has been used as a vaccine adjuvant (a substance that enhances the body’s immune response) since the 1920’s but has only been tested one time, on two rabbits. Their remains have since disappeared.

Injecting Aluminum, a new documentary by French journalist Marie-Ange Poyet, investigates the history of aluminum in vaccines and its potentially devastating effects on the human body.

“Injecting Aluminum” is now available in North America on DVD, Streaming and screening events from Cinema Libre Studio.


In the early 90s, a mysterious muscular disease with symptoms that included severe muscle and joint pain began to surface among multiple patients in France. A team of doctors in Paris discovered that these patients had developed a new disease called Macrophagic Myofascitis, or MMF, which occurs when the aluminum hydroxide adjuvant from a vaccine remains embedded in the muscle tissue.

What the pharmaceutical companies don’t make public is that the aluminum adjuvant was never rigorously tested* before going on the market and there are alternative, much less toxic, adjuvants available.

Featuring interviews with patients, doctors, scientists, and influential politicians, Injecting Aluminum examines aluminum’s devastating effects on the human body and calls into question the public health policies around aluminum in vaccines.

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Staying Power: US Forces Set to Remain in Syria Despite ISIS Elimination

The Syrian army has advanced against ISIS towards the Iraqi border, as the military pushes remaining terrorists out of the country. Earlier, it took control of the last ISIS stronghold in the country - the town of Abu-Kemal.

US forces are illegally operating in Syria.

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US Treasury Secretary Praises Saudi Arabia Amid its Preparations for War with Iran and Hezbollah

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was doing well in transforming the country.

Commenting on the recent Saudi regime “anti-corruption” purges, the US official said the United States is closely watching the situation in Saudi Arabia amid reported asset agreements between Saudi authorities and some detainees in an anti-corruption crackdown.

“I think Mohammed bin Salman is doing well in terms of transforming the country”, Mnuchin said.

Recently, bin Salman announced he is preparing for a confrontation with Iran and Hezbollah, during which he would resort to the Israeli military aid.

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Deadly Wave: French Govt Forced to Act After 45 Police Suicides this Year

France is gripped by a wave of police suicides. More than 40 officers have taken their own lives in 2017. The added stress of all the terrorism-related incidents in the country is thought to be partly to blame.

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JM Talboo does so much research before we do a show, that it's mind boggling.  It takes hours, weeks and months sometimes to get the data and facts checked out before we speak on each issue

This is all 2017 work we did.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Channel w/ JM Talboo

Covering UFO's & Aliens = Halloween Special

The news partnership

Trump's Accomplishments

Politics & Pedogate Part 1

Part 2 Pedogate

youtube has deleted this, but here is the link

Voter Fraud

Harvey Weinstein

JFK Document Release

Corey Feldman

Las Vegas Shooting - 2nd Gunman

Go To Hell NFL

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The Zionist Hate Campaign Against David Icke (Gilad Atzmon)

Gilad Atzmon deconstructs every and each of the arguments levelled against David Icke by the ultra Zionist CAA and others...

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This Week in Stupid (19/11/2017) - Sargon

It's time to invest in the patriarchy.

Sargon pointing out the hypocrisy and bankrupt arguments from the SJW quarter.

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Earth's Atmosphere has Changed (Adapt 2030) Mini Ice Age 2015-2035

Something has just changed in Earth's atmosphere. This week alone atmospheric compression events deluge Greece and Italy with once in a multi-century floods, feet of snow, winter storms a few weeks before summer in South Africa, November typhoon out of season far far south near Cambodia, UK colder than Moscow and 14 locations have been chosen for geoengineering programs to begin in our atmosphere.

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Monday, 20 November 2017

Xi Jinping Pledges To "Strengthen Relationship" Between Saudi Arabia And China

In what can only be described as a masterful play to entice Saudi Arabia to list shares of Aramco in Hong Kong (assuming the kingdom follows through with the listing, which is reportedly in jeopardy) Chinese state media reported Friday that Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged to strengthen the relationship between China and Saudi Arabia as the latter tries to reform its economy.

According to the South China Morning Post, Xi vowed to strengthen cooperation between the two states at a time when the Middle Eastern kingdom is facing a political shake-up at home, and heightened tensions with Lebanon and Iran. Xi’s vow of friendship came with the crucial qualifier that the relationship between the two countries wouldn’t be affected by shifting international circumstances.
No matter how the international and regional situation changed, China’s determination to deepen strategic cooperation with Saudi Arabia would not change, President Xi Jinping told Saudi King Salman in a telephone conversation, according to a report by China’s state broadcaster CCTV.
“China supports Saudi in its efforts to safeguard its sovereignty and achieve greater development,” Xi was quoted as saying.
Of course, that’s an implicit threat that China might come to KSA’s aide if the simmering hostilities between the kingdom and Iran explode out into a military conflict between the two regional rivals. However, the SCMP also stresses that China has a strong relationship with Iran as well.

Hong Kong is reportedly still in consideration to host the Aramco IPO.

And while China will presumably play the dual role of investor and adviser as the Kingdom seeks to diversify its economy into other industries besides energy, including technology and manufacturing, KSA has in returned promised to assist Xi’s “one belt, one road” economic reform program.
King Salman told Xi that Saudi Arabia was willing to become China’s “important partner” in the Gulf. The kingdom also intended to play a role in China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” and cooperate with Beijing in the energy and financial sectors, he said
Though Chinese media reports didn’t delve into too much detail about the recent purge orchestrated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the call between the two leaders obviously follows an event two weeks for KSA, where its leaders reportedly pressured Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to resign. Hariri had to go, allegedly, because he was deemed too soft on Hezbollah, the shiite militant group that’s affiliated with Iran and is also an important powerbroker in Lebanon.

Two weeks ago, dozens of Saudi princes and officials were detained on corruption charges, a move that is believed to have helped Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to consolidate his power. And yesterday the Financial Times exposed the “corruption crackdown” for what is truly is: A naked cash grab meant to refill KSA’s foreign currency reserves while allowing it the financial flexibility to help ensure the Aramco IPO is executed at the best possible price.


Gerald Celente // Beginning of the Fall of Saudi Arabia / Need Oil at $100 a Barrel

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Warehouses Full of US-Made 'Lethal Weapons' Found by Syrian Army

The Syrian Army has liberated new quarters of Deir ez-Zor from Daesh terrorists. During the operation the army found large warehouses with a huge number of lethal weapons. The Syrian military source told Sputnik Arabic what exactly these warehouses were storing.
According to the Syrian military source there were a lot of US-made weapons and military equipment of Western European and Israeli production. Apart from M-16 automatic rifles there were TOW anti-tank missile systems and 155 mm US field guns. 

“There were also Hummers, which were either used to transport people or were stuffed with bombs inside ready to explode. Israeli intelligence reconnaissance aircraft and a modern Israeli protective suit for conducting sapper work have also been found,” the source told Sputnik Arabic.
The source also said that tech for air and ground reconnaissance, satellite communications and bags with C-4 explosives were also discovered inside these warehouses.

There were also boxes with ammunition and weapons stored in the underground shelters, while tanks and cars were covered with a camouflage net to protect against Russian and Syrian airstrikes.

The Inside Syria Media Center website quoted Syrian Brigade General Ali al-Ali as saying that the United States illegally delivered at least 1,500 trucks with weapons and military equipment to terrorists in Syria between June 5 and September 15 of this year. 

Although Washington said that these weapons were intended for US allies, they always fell into the hands of terrorists, the general said.


Pentagon Says It's Staying In Syria, Even Though ISIS Appears Defeated

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