Monday, 1 May 2017

MSM Ignores Massive Pedo Investigation

By all accounts the Trump Administration has waged a silent war due to the lack of any mainstream media coverage on the underbelly of a human trafficking network of pedophilia. Already arresting 1500 scumbags in 3 months compared to 400 by the Obama Administration in all of 2014.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions holds no quarter in his efforts to undermine this pervasive horror regardless of Nancy Pelosi and the deep state efforts to take him down.

A Doctor, Policemen, a judge and even a former Vice President of Dyncorp have been hauled in. The New York Daily News reports "A retired Army general who worked in the Pentagon has been hit with multiple rape charges for the alleged assault of at least one minor three decades ago.
Maj. Gen. James Grazioplene faces six charges for alleged rapes that happened in 1983 and 1989, the Army announced Friday. If convicted, he faces life in prison and the loss of his pension." Of course Dyncorp is no stranger to allegations of abusing children.

Let's hope this accelerates and drags in those at the very top of the tree. If Trump is really being controlled (a opposed to being a puppet the whole time), then taking down these networks might be the only way to break free. My fear is that what we see here is only a 'limited hangout' where the biggest fish are allowed to continue their crimes.

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Bulgarian Weapons Sent to Terrorists in Syria Through Saudi Arabia

The Bulgarian newspaper “Trud” published a report on April 21, 2017 about an investigation into the supply of Bulgarian weapons to the terrorists in Syria, shipped through Saudi Arabia.
In early April, ship so called “Marianne Danica” arrived the biggest port of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah under the flag of Denmark, after it left the port of Burgas on March 28th, loaded with tons of weapons.
According to the newspaper, the ship was listed as transporting dangerous cargo – “Hazard A” (Major), which refers to the transport of explosives and weapons. After 8 hours dangerous cargo is unloaded at the port of Jeddah and the ship sails back to Bourgas. The weapons were not intended for Saudi Arabia, as Saudi army are only equipped almost exclusively with US and UK weaponry.
In December last year Trud’s team found Bulgarian weapons manufactured at the arms factory “VMZ-Sopot”, in 9 warehouses for terrorists “Al-Nusra Front” in eastern Aleppo, Syria. There were two million shells and rockets CITY 4000 from Bulgaria – all of which had fallen into the hands of the terrorists in boxes with inscriptions in Bulgarian language designating Bulgaria as the country of origin and sender. Other boxes contained 122-millimeter rockets town with a range of up to several kilometers. In addition, terrorists have used Bulgarian ammunition with caliber 73 mm anti-tank guns and anti-tank projectiles caliber 40 mm RPG.
“VMZ-Sopot” hasn’t given any comment and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia said it will not answer the question of where Saudi Arabia sent the Bulgarian arms. But one of the commanders in so called “The Free Syrian Army,”  Malik al-Kurdi, said that Saudi Arabia, together with security services of 15 other countries, were supplying terrorists in Syria with weapons under the pretext of helping the “moderate opposition”.

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Why 'The Jews' Loathe Le Pen - Brother Nathanael

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Keiser Report (E1064): America-China Financial Wars

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the ‘total fool’ speculator who bombed the Borussia Dortmund team bus in order to profit from shares falling. They also discuss global debt exploding to 325 percent of global gross GDP. In the second half, Max interviews Alasdair Macleod of Macleod Finance and They discuss America’s financial war strategy and whether or not it has already failed in this war against China.

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POWERFUL: Alex Jones Destroys MSM At Austin Child Custody Press Conference

Alex Jones called all media outlets to the steps of the Austin Courthouse to do two things: Set the record straight concerning his child custody trial, and to say to their faces that their underhanded tactics are only helping to destroy traditional corporate media.

Regardless of your views about Alex Jones, this is a great rant against the MSM and what it does.

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Obama Scores Another $400K Speaking Fee Amid Criticism

Even as President Obama faced criticism for getting $400,000 for a speech to a Wall Street bank, he pocketed the same amount of money for a second speech, The Post has learned.

Obama made another $400,000 on Thursday when he appeared at the A&E Networks advertising upfront at The Pierre Hotel. He was interviewed over 90 minutes at the Midtown Manhattan event by presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin in front of the cable network’s advertisers.

Out of office just 98 days, Obama caught some flack earlier this week when it was learned that he had agreed to speak in September at a health care event sponsored by Wall Street bank Cantor Fitzgerald.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said she was “troubled” by the big-ticket talk.


George Carlin - It's a Big Club and You Ain't In It! The American Dream

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Social Justice is Uncool - Sargon of Akkad

That was not cool, Bill Nye. Social justice is completely lame. Deal with it.

Story thanks to Trump is Right.

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The March For Junk Science - Tony Heller

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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Marine Le Pen SURGES in French Polls - Bill Still

French presidential longshot Marine Le Pen is surging in the French polls.
A BFM TV poll found that over 50% of those surveyed believe Le Pen had a good start for the 2-week sprint to the final vote 9 days from now, while her opponent, Emmanuel Macron had the support of only 43%. Just a week ago most polls gave Macron a 25-to-30-point lead in the race.
A Harris Interactive poll found that the populist Le Pen now leads Macron by an astounding 61-to-48 margin in post 1st-round election polling. If this sentiment holds, that would represent an unprecedented 40 point reversal.

Story thanks to Trump is Right.


Marine Le Pen: All you need to know about French presidential second frontrunner (in 1 minute)

Emmanuel Macron: All you need to know about French presidential frontrunner (in 1 minute)

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This 1967 CIA Memo Is Still Used to Discredit Conspiracy 'Theorists' Today

This is how it worked then and it's still how it works now. If you read this document (see video), you'll see elements of it still in play today every time something major happens that they don't want anyone asking questions about.

The term, as it is applied today, causes brain freezing and misguided thinking to occur.

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The Looting Machine Called Capitalism - Paul Craig Roberts

I have come to the conclusion that capitalism is successful primarily because it can impose the majority of the costs associated with its economic activities on outside parties and on the environment. In other words, capitalists make profits because their costs are externalized and born by others. In the US, society and the environment have to pick up the tab produced by capitalist activity.

In the past when critics raised the question about external costs, that is, costs that are external to the company although produced by the company’s activities, economists answered that it was not really a problem, because those harmed by the activity could be compensated for the damages that they suffered. This statement was intended to reinforce the claim that capitalism served the general welfare. However, the extremely primitive nature of American property rights meant that rarely would those suffering harm be compensated. The apologists for capitalism saved the system in the abstract, but not in reality.

My recent article, “The Destruction of Inlet Beach,” made it clear to me that very little, if any, of the real estate development underway would be profitable if the external costs imposed on existing property holders had to be compensated.

Consider just a few examples. When a taller house is constructed in front of one of less height, the Gulf view of the latter is preempted. The damage to the property value of the house whose view has been blocked is immense. Would the developer build such a tall structure if the disadvantaged existing property had to be compensated for the decline in its value?

When a house is built that can sleep 20 or 30 people next to a family’s vacation home or residence, the noise and congestion destroys the family’s ability to enjoy their own property. If they had to be compensated for their loss, would the hotel, disquised as a “single family dwelling” have been built?

Walton County, Florida, is so unconcerned about these vital issues that it has permitted construction of structures that can accommodate 30 people, but provide only three parking spaces. Where do the rental guests park? How many residents will find themselves blocked in their own driveways or with cars parked on their lawns?

As real estate developers build up congestion, travel times are extended. What formerly was a 5 minute drive from Inlet Beach to Seaside along 30-A can now take 45 minutes during summer and holidays, possibly longer. Residents and visitors pay the price of the developers’ profits in lost time. The road is a two-lane road that cannot be widened. Yet Walton County’s planning department took no account of the gridlock that would emerge.

As the state and federal highways serving the area were two lanes, over-development made hurricane evacuation impossible. Florida and US taxpayers had to pay for turning two lane highways into four lane highways in order to provide some semblance of hurricane evacuation. After a decade, the widening of highway 79, which runs North-South is still not completed to its connection to Interstate 10. Luckily, there have been no hurricanes.

If developers had to pay these costs instead of passing them on to taxpayers, would their projects still be profitable?

Now consider the external costs of offshoring the production of goods and services that US corporations, such as Apple and Nike, market to Americans. When production facilities in the US are closed and the jobs are moved to China, for example, the American workers lose their jobs, medical coverage, careers, pension provision, and often their self-respect when they are unable to find comparable employment or any employment. Some fall behind in their mortgage and car payments and lose their homes and cars. The cities, states, and federal governments lose the tax base as personal income and sales taxes decline and as depressed housing and commercial real estate prices in the abandoned communities depress property taxes. Social security and Medicare funding is harmed as payroll tax deposits fall. State and local infrastructure declines. Possibly crime rises. Safety net needs rise, but expenditures are cut as tax revenues decline. Municipal and state workers find their pensions at risk. Education suffers. All of these costs greatly exceed Apple’s and Nike’s profits from substituting cheaper foreign labor for American labor. Contradicting the neoliberal claims, Apple’s and Nike’s prices do not drop despite the collapse in labor costs that the corporations experience.

A country that was intelligently governed would not permit this. As the US is so poorly governed, the executives and shareholders of global corporations are greatly enriched because they can impose the costs associated with their profits on external third parties.

The unambigious fact is that US capitalism is a mechanism for looting the many for the benefit of the few. Neoliberal economics was constructed in order to support this looting. In other words, neoliberal economists are whores just like the Western print and TV media.

Yet, Americans are so insouciant that you will hear those who are being looted praise the merits of “free market capitalism.”

So far we have barely scratched the surface of the external costs that capitalism imposes. Now consider the polution of the air, soil, waterways, and oceans that result from profit-making activities. Consider the radioactive wastes pouring out of Fukushima since March 2011 into the Pacific Ocean. Consider the dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico from agricultural chemical fertilizer run-off. Consider the destruction of the Apalachicola, Florida, oyster beds from the restricted river water that feeds the bay due to overdevelopment upstream. Examples such as these are endless. The corporations responsible for this destruction bear none of the costs.

If it turns out that global warming and ocean acidification are consequences of capitalism’s carbon-based energy system, the entire world could end up dead from the external costs of capitalism.

Free market advocates love to ridicule economic planning, and Alan Greenspan and Larry Summers actually said that “markets are self-regulating.” There is no sign anywhere of this self-regulation. Instead, there are external costs piled upon external costs. The absence of planning is why over-development has made 30-A dysfunctional, and it is why over-development has made metropolitan areas, such as Atlanta, Georgia, dysfunctional. Planning does not mean the replacement of markets. It means the provision of rules that produce rational results instead of shifting costs of development onto third parties.

If capitalism had to cover the cost of its activities, how many of the activities would pay?

As capitalists do not have to cover their external costs, what limits the costs?

Once the external costs exceed the biosphere’s ability to process the waste products associated with external costs, life ends.

We cannot survive an unregulated capitalism with a system of primitive property rights. Ecological economists such as Herman Daly understand this, but neoliberal economists are apologists for capitalist looting. In days gone by when mankind’s footprint on the planet was light, what Daly calls an “empty world,” productive activities did not produce more wastes than the planet could cleanse. But the heavy foot of our time, what Daly calls a “full world,” requires extensive regulation. The Trump administration’s program of rolling back environmental protection, for example, will multiply external costs. To claim that this will increase economic growth is idiotic. As Daly (and Michael Hudson) emphasize, the measure known as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is so flawed that we do not know whether the increased output costs more to produce than it is worth. GDP is really a measure of what has been looted without reference to the cost of the looting. Environmental deregulation means that capitalists can treat the environment as a garbage dump. The planet can become so toxic that it cannot recover.

In the United States and generally across the Western world, property rights exist only in a narrow, truncated form. A developer can steal your view forever and your solitude for the period his construction requires. If the Japanese can have property rights in views, in quiet which requires noise abatement, and in sun fall on their property, why can’t Americans? After all, we are alleged to be the “exceptional people.”

But in actual fact, Americans are the least exceptional people in human history. Americans have no rights at all. We hapless insignificant beings have to accept whatever capitalists and their puppet government impose on us. And we are so stupid we call it “Freedom and Democracy America.”

Paul Craig Roberts is not against free enterprise, but unregulated (and ultimately destructive) capitalism. He is calling for economic activity bounded by certain rules or considerations.

Many times has Roberts pointed out that HUMAN BEHAVIOUR is already regulated so that there are Laws (punishments) against things like murder, assault, theft, fraud and other activities. Therefore, some controls and forward thinking (essentially calculations that factor in the consequences of action), are entirely appropriate.

A system free to be rigged by crooks and monopolists, who can buy up the regulators and courts, is not a good system. While most people are good natured we must always take into account that a portion of the people in our society will be corrupt (or susceptible to corruption). We must be vigilant against those who seek power or are corrupted by it. Power often attracts the psychopaths. Checks and balances are important.

We already went though a process of rectifying uncontrolled looting and scamming during and after the Great Depression. The problem was that the lessons learnt came after the disaster. Again we look to be stuck in a similar kind of looting and crashing cycle - except this time there is a slow degeneration of overall society while the scammers have the ability to keep themselves afloat and ever more wealthy (staving off the crash).

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Trump has Major Trip to Saudi Arabia Planned, will Discuss Massive Weapons Deal for Saudis

Bowing to pressure from the H.R. McMaster, Dina Powell, Gary Cohn coalition, President Donald Trump’s first overseas trip is scheduled to be in Saudi Arabia, multiple sources confirmed after Steve Holland of Reuters first reported rumors of the trip. This decision has split Trump’s base, which views the Saudis as the largest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

During the visit Trump will discuss a proposed arms package for the Saudis, which would include a massive missile defense system as well as civilian nuclear technology. Behind the scenes McMaster will be seeking Saudi support for a ground war in Syria, which Mike Cernovich first reported in an article whose reporting was confirmed by Eli Lake of Bloomberg.

“Trump doesn’t want to go,” one person with knowledge of the trip said, “but Powell and Cohn are making him.”

When asked how Powell and Cohn could force President Trump do to anything, the source replied,
Trump's a puppet of the war machine now. Whether he was always a conman, or whether he's been threatened or blackmailed, President Trump appears to be a tool of the Deep State.

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Trump’s Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Financed Israeli Extremists and illegal Settlements

Jared Kushner, the son-in-law and confidant of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, is a director and board member at the Kushner Foundation which has given money to illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank as well as extremist Jewish groups connected to violent attacks against Palestinians, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported Monday.

The findings are based on tax records from Kushner’s parents for the years 2010-2014, which show that the Charles and Seryl Kushner Foundation gave almost US$60,000 to settlement projects and organizations in Israel, which Washington deems publically as illegal, yet finds covert ways of funding.

Trump has said that Kushner, who is a married to Ivanka Trump and is an Orthodox Jew, would be “very good” as his Middle East envoy to broker a deal between the Palestinians and Israelis.

The Kushner Foundation gave US$20,000 to the group American Friends in Beit El Yeshive, an organization that supports projects in the ultra-conservative settlement of Beit El.

Beit El was built on private Palestinian land without Israeli government approval, according to Haaretz and human rights groups.

More shocking is that the president of that group is David Friedman, who advised Trump on foreign policy in Israel and Palestine and is his real estate lawyer who told AFP in October that in his view settlements are not illegal and that he believed Trump agrees with him.

To top it all off, the Kushner foundation has given money to one of the most extreme groups within the settler community. The foundation gave funds to the radical “Od Yosef Chai” group in the settlement of Yitzhar.

“This particular yeshiva has served as a base for launching violent attacks against nearby Palestinians villages and Israeli security forces, as well; as a result, it no longer receives funding from the Israeli government,” Haaretz reported Monday.


Iraq War Architect, Paul Wolfowitz, Is Becoming Optimistic On Trump

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Gerald Celente: It's A Bankster Takeover

David Knight and Gerald Celente discuss how the banksters have infiltrated governments across the globe and are controlling and manipulating the global economy.

The bankster problem centres on outsourcing industry, importing cheap labour, inflating the casino/betting finance sector, increasing profits that go to both CEOs and shareholders at the expense of established middle class jobs. If you have no job then how can you buy shares to participate in the increasing profits? The hollowing out of the USA.

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CONFESSED: Obama Official Admits Climate Data Rigged For Political Purposes

While the left continues to push it's man mad climate change agenda, science regarding climate is emerging, and Obama officials are admitting they lied.

The clip also covers Islamist oppression in Saudi Arabia, terrorism in Egypt, plus politics in Germany.

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Fire Succession In New Mexico - Tony Heller

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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Syrian War Report – April 27, 2017: Syrian Army Makes Important Gains In Homs Province

Turkey escalates its war against the Kurds in Syria.


Syrian War Report – April 28, 2017: Govt Forces Advance On Multiple Fronts


Syria accuses Israel of airstrikes on its international airport

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Ukrainian Army Continues its Advance into Donbass

The Ukrainian army continues to increase its activity in the east of the country in the combat zone between the Ukrainian armed forces and the Luhansk People’s Republic’s units. Thus, in the morning of April 23 a patrol vehicle of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) blew up on a mine in not controlled by Kiev Slavyanoserbsky district of the Lugansk region. As a result of the explosion, a US citizen working as a medical officer of the mission was killed and two mission employees were injured.

Being unable to conduct active armed actions, Kiev focused its efforts on asymmetric combat operations against the Donbass insurgents through sabotage actions.

A.Marochko, an official representative of the People’s Militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic, said that the undermining of the cars of the OSCE mission is a terrorist act of Ukrainian special services that was committed by saboteurs of the 8th Special Regiment of Special Forces of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The possibility of execution of such terroristic acts was previously officially announced by the Minister of State Security of the Luhansk People’s Republic L. Pasechnik.

On February 4, 2017, he noted that the the People’s Militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic had information concerning the Ukrainian special services attempts to assassinate international mission personnel working in the Luhansk People’s Republic. S. Ivanchuk and I. Deyev, servicemen of the 8th Special Purpose Regiment of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukranian Armed Forces arrested in February being interrogated confirmed the fact that the Ukrainian Special Forces had the representatives of the OSCE shadowed. Major Ivanchuk, the head of the Ukrainian Group of Diversions and Reconnaissance confirmed during the interrogation that he had shadowed the movements of the OSCE staff and then had passed this information to the Ukrainian Security Service. He also admitted that the corresponding task was assigned to him by Colonel Sandursky known by the call sign “Khutor”, his curator from the Security Service.


‘I struggle to get engagement from all parties even if it is common concern’ – OSCE head

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Only Marine Le Pen Represents France - Paul Craig Roberts

Marine Le Pen is the only candidate for the French presidency who represents France. All the rest represent Washington and the EU. Why are the French people so slow to see the obvious facts? France died with Charles de Gaulle. He was the last French president.

Washington, of course, hated De Gaulle, because he would not let France be part of the American Empire. He kept France out of NATO. De Gaulle understood that NATO was unnecessary as a military alliance, as there was no threat of a Soviet invasion of Europe. NATO was Washington’s way of absorbing Europe into the American empire. Stalin himself had made it crystal clear that there would be no Soviet invasion when he eliminated the neoconservatives of his time who wanted to establish Soviet hegemony over the world. “Socialism in one country,” declared Stalin as he killed off the Soviet neoconservatives.

Today the entire French establishment reports to Washington and does Washington’s will, which is to keep Le Pen out of the presidency of France at all cost. French president Hollande, whose “socialist” party did not manage a sufficient showing to even be a contender for the presidency has asked the outgoing ministers of his government to do everything possible to ensure the defeat of Marine Le Pen on May 7.

The French government, like every government in Europe, long ago ceased to represent its own people. Instead the French government represents Washington’s interests. The entirety of elite society in Europe depends on Washington’s subsidies and good will, which is always the situation with vassals.
Marine Le Pen is saying that France needs to be an independent country, not a vassal of Washington.  For the French elite this means a loss of status and income. For a French politician to represent France is a revolutionary act. Thus, the French establishment will protect its interests at the expense of France. Le Pen will be defeated, and if not, the CIA will assassinate her.

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Red Bull, Red Pilled! CEO Chastises Political Correctness, Multiculturalism - Styx

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